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One of the best gamers of all time, Alexander Alekhine (1892–1946) was once international chess champion for over sixteen years. not just a splendid grasp of the complex place, he was once additionally a good annotator. during this quantity he offers a lot info and perception approximately greater than a hundred video games performed among 1939 and 1945, in addition to delightfully candid perspectives on fellow masters and opponents for the realm title.
In half One, dedicated to open video games, Alekhine analyzes video games that includes such openings because the Ruy Lopez, 4 Knights video game, Philidor's safety, and the Scotch Gambit. half is dedicated to semi-open video games, that includes the French safeguard, Caro-Kann protection, Sicilian safety, Alekhine's safeguard, and King's Pawn, Nimzowitsch protection. partly 3 Alekhine discusses examples of closed video games, together with the Queen's Gambit Declined, Orthodox safety; Queen's Gambit Declined, Slav protection; Queens' Gambit accredited; Queen's Pawn, Nimzowitsch safeguard; the Queen's Pawn video game, English starting, Catalan approach; and more.
This ebook allows you to become aware of the stratagems and methods interested in a bunch of attention-grabbing struggles among the world's maximum chess avid gamers: Alekhine, Capablanca, Bogoljubov, Kashdan, Reshevsky, Tartakower, Keres, Najdor, and various others. With attribute thoroughness, readability, and humor, Alekhine courses you thru the intricacies of every contest, illuminating advanced positions and providing an international champion's designated perception and commentary.
Whatever your point of chess services, you will get pleasure from and reap the benefits of learning those video games, offered and analyzed by means of one of many ideal strategists in chess history.

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6 Nc3 Bd7 Nf6 This s i m p l e development of t h e k i n g's s i d e pieces i s not censurable but better prospects are offered here by the fianchetto of the king's bishop: 6 . . g6 7 d4 Bg7 8 Be3 exd4 9 Nxd4 Nge 7 . Page 34 Nxd4 Why this haste to exchange developed pieces? I n d icated was 8 . . Be7, followed by 9 . . 0·0. Oxd7 9 Bxd7+ 10 Oxd4 Be7 11 0-0 0-0 12 b3 Game 1 1 Ruy Lopez the intention of . . c6. Also inferior would be 16 . . g6 17 Nd5 Bg7 l B aa 7 ! a c B 1 9 N f 4 R 6 e 7 20 c5 etc.

0·0. Oxd7 9 Bxd7+ 10 Oxd4 Be7 11 0-0 0-0 12 b3 Game 1 1 Ruy Lopez the intention of . . c6. Also inferior would be 16 . . g6 17 Nd5 Bg7 l B aa 7 ! a c B 1 9 N f 4 R 6 e 7 20 c5 etc. with marked superiority. Position after 12 b3 12 • • • Rfe8 This i s d e c i d e d l y too passive because withdrawing the bishop to fB takes away for a long time a strong prospect of activity. In Black's place I would have played 12 . . c6, creating a weakness more imaginary than real. The d e n i a l of the point d5 to the White knight would have in creased considerably Black's freedom to manoeuvre.

Nd7 36 37 Rf1 Ra2 This i s good but not the best_ Black would have conserved w i n n i ng chances by protec t i n g the f-pawn with 3 7 _ . Nf7. For example 37 . _ Nf7 38 Rh5 Rg6 39 Rf5 Kg7 and White's position would remain seriously threatened_ 38 Nxf6 Nxf6 39 R hxf6 Rxb2 40 B d 1 Rgg2 41 Rg3 Bf3 g6 42 B g4 Og7 43 Ra1 Rh2+ f6 44 Kg1 Rhg2+ 45 Kf1 Rh2 33 bg6 Rgg2 The s i m plest because if the q u e e n retreats t h e m o v e 33 _ . _ N f 7 w o u l d give B l a c k a defence that w o u l d be more than sufficient.

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