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"Recognizing the Stranger" is the 1st monographic learn of popularity scenes and motifs within the Gospel of John. the popularity type-scene ("anagn? risis") was once a standard function in historical drama and narrative, hugely valued by means of Aristotle as a touching second of fact, e. g. , in Oedipus' tragic self-discovery and Odysseus' chuffed homecoming.

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Fig. 30 summarizes this. Ŷ Fig. 30: Diagrammatic summary of fricatives Notice how the spectrum from front to back is shown from the left to right on the chart layout. The information in Fig. 30 can be merged to give the standard technical description of each of the sounds (Fig. 31). unvoiced labiodental fricative voiced labiodental fricative unvoiced dental fricative voiced dental fricative unvoiced alveolar fricative voiced alveolar fricative unvoiced palatoalveolar fricative voiced palatoalveolar fricative Fig.

For practical purposes I use /ȁ/ as the first element, and I help learners to build these two diphthongs by first pointing to /ȁ/ on the chart. The results are always entirely satisfactory. 23 Discovery toolkit Level 1: Sounds in isolation Commentary ŶŶŶ These three glides start in three different places, mid–front /e/, low–centre /ȁ/ and mid – back / /, and all converge on /ȱ/, high–front, as the finishing point. They can be plotted on the monophthong section of the chart as in Fig. 16. You can also use the monophthong section of the chart to invent other non–English diphthongs as a creative exercise.

27: Places of articulation Glottal stop Though frequently used by speakers of RP the glottal stop is not considered a significant sound in that it cannot change the meaning of a word. Thus it is not given phonemic status and does not figure on the Sound Foundations phonemic chart. But since it is quite frequent, especially in rapid colloquial speech, I would like to describe it at this point. The glottal stop is a plosive produced by a complete block to the air stream at the glottis (the space between the vocal cords) .

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