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Eleanor was interested to see how distressed the butler appeared to be. He was literally wringing his hands. " she inquired. He rushed into speech. Apparently, there were more than enough chambers, but in Lady Marguerite's absence— Her mother lost her patience immediately and waved him quiet. " "I did, Mother. " Eleanor said, giving the butler a smile. "Be kind enough to escort us to some chambers, my good man," the duchess said before he could answer. " The man tore back up the stairs as if the devil were behind him.

Ashmole, Villiers's ancient butler, grinned at Tobias. In his right hand he held a large golden staff with a huge knob, with which he had apparently jabbed Naffi in the back. The Frenchman lurched around, clutching his nose with one hand and screaming incoherently. "That'll teach you to insult the young master," Ashmole said, his voice cracking only once. Blood was splattered down Naffi's white shirt. " he shrieked. Tobias began to laugh, when he suddenly realized that Naffi still had a rapier in his right hand, and that if the man would hesitate to assault a son of the house—even a bastard—he would feel no such compunction about a servant.

Tobias planned to wait until they were on the outskirts of London before he announced his presence. But they couldn't have gone more than a block when the wooden roof over his head suddenly flew open. He raised his head slowly, and met his father's eyes. He had learned long ago to stay silent in awkward situations, so he said nothing. Unfortunately, it seemed his father adhered to the same lesson, and after an uncomfortable moment Tobias couldn't take it any longer. "Ashmole didn't ask me to do an errand for him.

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