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By Linda McDowell, Joane P. Sharp

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A Feminist word list of Human Geography is the 1st advisor to the most theories, ideas and phrases known in geographical debates approximately gender relations.

Written by way of key members to feminist thought, it includes over four hundred energetic and available definitions of the phrases present in feminist debates which scholars of geography want to know. 4 degrees of access are used - from 50 to 1500 phrases - taking account of the various levels of complexity of the phrases covered.

From 'AIDS' to 'witch', from 'abortion' to 'whiteness', this 'Glossary' is cross-referenced all through and contains a finished bibliography. it really is a useful reference for somebody learning geography and gender, allowing them to technique the terminology of feminist concept and concepts with self belief.

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In his work, Marx recognised ‘levels of abstraction’ ranging from the general to the historically specific. Importantly, abstractions tend to be apparently gender-neutral, which means that male characteristics tend to become universalised in models of social process. As a result of feminist and POSTMODERN critiques, recent work in geography has insisted upon the importance of context and DIFFERENCE in social theory, which challenges the usefulness of abstraction. JS See also MARXIST GEOGRAPHY; STRUCTURALISM.

Whilst perhaps now seen as occupying an ideal location on the sexual continuum, bisexuality has been historically constructed as a subversive activity. Heterosexuals and homosexuals have been mistrustful of bisexuals, characterising them, as Hemmings (1995: 46) suggests, as ‘the double agent[s] of sexual politics selling out to the highest bidder’. The political commitment of bisexuals has been particularly scrutinised by some GAYS and LESBIANS who suspect them of being ‘temporary’ homosexuals, able to decamp to the safe confines of heterosexuality whenever maintaining a visible gay identity becomes overly problematic.

Although some feminists have argued that androcentrism is employed explicitly as an instrument for enforcing and perpetuating the ideology of PATRIARCHY, others would argue that its greater danger lies in its implicitness. In this view androcentrism is problematic precisely because it simply assumes that the perspectives of men are of greater significance and relevance than those of women or, alternatively, and even more insidiously, that there are no important distinctions between them. Those who espouse androcentric views are thus often said to be ‘GENDER-BLIND’.

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