Raymond J. Healy, Francis McComas's Adventures in Time and Space PDF

By Raymond J. Healy, Francis McComas

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The future is previewed in a fine story! Science-fiction reaches further back in the past than one might imagine. From the very beginnings of astronomy man has dreamed of checking his theories by actual visits to the other planets of his universe. Among its many other attributes, that lovely satellite, the moon, has been a perpetual challenge to the would-be voyagers of space. One if the first science-fiction novels was written (in Latin) by the great astronomer, Kepler. His means of inter-spatial locomotion was a daemon, or spirit, who bore the traveler in his demonic arms to the noon.

But the Boss not only stopped, but hung around. Bunting and a canvas arch made the entrance to a large enclosure beyond the race track. Red and gold letters announced: This way to the MOON ROCKET!!!! See it in actual flight! Public Demonstration Flights Twice Daily This is the ACTUAL TYPE used by the First Man to reach the MOON!!! YOU can ride in it!! OO A boy, nine or ten years old, hung around the entrance and stared at the posters. ” The kid’s eyes shone. “Gee, mister. ” “So would I. ” Harriman paid out a dollar for two pink tickets which entitled them to enter the enclosure and examine the rocket ship.

The big car droned down the Paseo, and turned off on Armour Boulevard. Old Harriman stirred uneasily in his sleep and muttered to himself. “But Mister Harriman‌—‌” The young man with the notebook was plainly perturbed. The old man grunted. “You heard me. Sell ’em. ” “It will depress the market. ” “Don’t you think I know that? ” “Oh, yes. Don’t sell those. Set up a trust. Should have done it long ago. Tell young Kamens to draw up the papers. He knows what I want” The interoffice visor flashed into life.

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Adventures in Time and Space by Raymond J. Healy, Francis McComas

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