Z. Patek, L. Smrcek's Aerodynamic characteristics of multi-surface aircraft PDF

By Z. Patek, L. Smrcek

Plane layout 2 (1999) 191 - 206

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Australian pilots had scored just a solitary M i G kill up to this point. 40 On 1 April 1952, Maj William H Wescott of the 25th FIS/51st FIW, downed two MiGs, hence the gesture! He duly became the 12th US ace soon afterward on 26 April 1952. Wescott flew an F-86E-10-NA (51-2746) which he had named LADY FRANCES, and the crew chief had dubbed MICHIGAN CENTER. His was also the aircraft in which Col Gabreski scored his fifth kill (USAF) Double scores were toted up on 1 April 1952 when Capt Iven C Kincheloe and Maj William H Wescott - both members of the 25th FIS/51st FIW - shot down two MiGs each.

The enemy pilot evidently never saw me as he was busy lining up the F-84 in his sights. He was decelerating to get a better shot, while I was at full throttle to catch up. I lined up the gunsight on him, took my feet off the rudder pedals to make sure the aircraft was flying true, and squeezed the trigger. 50 calibre API (Armour Piercing Incendiary). Immediately, pieces started flying off of the M i G , accompanied by smoke and flames. As he slowed, I saw that he was on fire and I pulled to his left to keep from running into him.

Wescott got his fifth kill in the same aeroplane. The strapping Capt Iven C Kincheloe, who was six-foot-two, with silver-blond hair and the build of a football linebacker, became the first ace to get all of his kills while flying the same jet (51-2731), kept flyable by crew chief Dan Walker. In April 1952 the scoreboard for the air-to-air combat along the Yalu River was 44 MiGs to four F-86s. The first attempt by the other side to An informal gathering of 25th FIS pilots, and the wing flight surgeon, Maj Bernard Brungardt (second from left).

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