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By Roger Chesneau

ISBN-10: 0946958289

ISBN-13: 9780946958283

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The delegation’s visit to Iraq was part of an effort by the Arab countries in the Middle East to coordinate their air strength more effectively. 33 200 miles 0 Habbaniya Kirkuk Rashid 0 200 km K U WA I T Shaiba Other air bases MiG-21 air bases Mirage air bases JORDAN RED SEA SINAI R. N EGYPT z Sue f of Gul Beni Suef Abu Sueir Inchas Eli Maliz (Bir Gafgafa) Fayid Cairo Kabrit Cairo West Bir Tamada Elmaz Suez Cairo IAP Dachiliya Alexandria ISRAEL Ramat David Mafraq Tel Aviv Amman El Arish Sde Dov Lod Jericho Hatzor El Sur Jerusalem Gaza (Jabel Libni) Tel Nof Dead Sea Port Said Hatzerim Saikal Damascus Elmaza Dmer Marg Real MEDITERRANEAN SEA Beirut LEBANON Tripoli Hama Haleb CYPRUS Aqaba N Gulf o f rdan NEGEV 34 R.

Seat height adjustment switch 5. Navigation lights switch 6. Throttle, with controls for radio, airbrake and target radar range 7. Air start switch 8. Anti-surge valves switch 9. Nose cone manual/auto operation 10. Hydraulic pump switches 11. K-18 oxygen gauge 12. Landing gear lever 13. Landing gear position indicator 14. UD-1 range indicator 15. Brake overheating lights 16. V-1 voltmeter 17. Accelerometer 18. Landing light switch 19. External tank jettison switch 20. ARU-37 automatic control 21.

Once lock-on was achieved, the radar-slaved CSF-95 gunsight would acquire the target too, allowing the pilot to quickly take aim and shoot it down from a range of 700 metres. Theoretically, it was a fantastic system, but in reality nothing worked. In a look-down situation, with the Shahak above the target, the Cyrano was unable to acquire anything below 30,000ft over land – or 10,000ft over the sea – due to ground clutter. Unacceptably low serviceability due in the main to overheating did not inspire confidence in the new system either.

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