Gen William W. Momyer's Airpower in Three Wars [WWII, Korea, Vietnam PDF

By Gen William W. Momyer

Booklet by way of Momyer, William M.

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Pilots and crews who stood this duty were especially tense during the Cuban Missile Crisis. PHOTOS: TOP Two VF-I0l Demons being launched OFF THE USS Independence (CVA-62) on 511-60. 145243 is on the no. 1 catapult. USN photo. MIDDLE - VF-I0l F3H-2, 143491, in the hanS'lr bay ofCVA-62. Note theA-l drop tanks hanging in the rafters. Joel Griggs photo. BOTTOM - 1960 USN photo of VF-I0l F3H-2, 145299 in flight. • • J- PHOTOS: TOP - VF-I01 line at Boca Chica Field Key West Fla. in 1959. Note F3D-2T2 Skyknights in foreground which had the F3H Demon radars installed.

Mugu is to provide targets. Here a JD-1 takes on 9-13-63. USN via Wyckoff. The probe. one of five made. 000 ft. and reached an alititude of 66 mi. The probe measured ultraviolet radiation from the stars. a KDA drone up to be used as a target for Sparrow III missiles during the Naval Air Weapons Meet on 30 Nov. 1959. USN photo. NrC/f'"' 3484 61 62 On 15 Sept. 1952, VX-4 was brought into being at its current home, Naval Missile Center Point Mugu Calif. The squadron was recommissi;ned under th~ command of CDR.

P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. D. = SHAKEDOWN PHOTO BELOW - VF·1l2, Demon, 137050. D. Spering photo. F3H-2 136966g thru 136982g F3H-2M 137033g thru 137040g F3H-2 BLOCK i 136983h thru 137012h* (9) F3H-2 137013i thru 137020i F3H-2M 137041i thru 137062i BLOCK j (10) F3H -2 137021j thru 137030j F3H-2M 137063j thru 137082j BLOCK BLOCK k (11) F3H-2 137031k and 137032k F3H-2M 137083k thru 137095k * DENOTES 5 (18) F3H-2 1452925 thru 1453065 F3H-2 1463285 thru 1463395 F3H-2 146709t thru 146740t PROTOTYPE COLOR SECTION 1.

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Airpower in Three Wars [WWII, Korea, Vietnam by Gen William W. Momyer

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