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By Thomas K. Malthus, Antony Flew, Antony Flew

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These tremendous effects, O/ LE UD so long and so deeply felt throughout the fairest portions of the earth, may be traced to the simple cause of the superior power of population to the means of subsistence. country in pasture It is well known that a cannot support so many inhabitants as a country in tillage, but what renders LJ LWD nations of shepherds so formidable is the power which they possess of moving all together and the necessity they frequently feel of exerting this power in search of fresh pasture for their herds.

And A satisfactory history of this kind, on one people, and of one period, would require the constant and 1D minute attention of an observing mind during a long life. Some of the objects of inquiry would be, in what proportion to the number of adults was the number E-Text Conversion By Nalanda Digital Library 30 An Essay on the Principle of Population by Thomas Malthus marriages, to what extent vicious customs U\ of prevailed in consequence of the restraints upon O/ LE UD matrimony, what was the comparative mortality among the children of the most distressed part of the community and those who lived rather more at their ease, what were the variations in the real price of labour, and what were the observable differences in the state of the lower classes of society with LJ LWD respect to ease and happiness, at different times during a certain period.

It O/ LE UD cannot fail to be remarked by those who live much in the country that the sons of labourers are very apt to be stunted in their growth, and are a long while arriving at maturity. Boys that you would guess to be fourteen or fifteen are, upon inquiry, frequently found to be eighteen or nineteen. And the LJ LWD lads who drive plough, which must certainly be a healthy exercise, are very rarely seen with any appearance of calves to their legs: a circumstance which can only be attributed to a want either of ODQ GD ' proper or of sufficient nourishment.

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