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The 1976 Cargese summer time Institute was once dedicated to the learn of definite interesting advancements in quantum box thought and important phenomena. Its genesis happened in 1974 as an outgrowth of many medical discussions among the undersigned, who made up our minds to shape a systematic committee for the association of the varsity.

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O. , “Quantum gravity and the standard model,” hep-th/0603022. G. Kac, Infinite dimensional Lie algebras, Cambridge University Press (1990).

19, 20] At the foundational level, a quantum description of the standard model in E8 may be compatible with a spin foam description in terms of braided ribbon networks[21] through the identification of the corresponding finite groups. [22] The theory proposed in this paper represents a comprehensive unification program, describing all fields of the standard model and gravity as parts of a uniquely beautiful mathematical structure. The principal bundle connection and its curvature describe how the E8 manifold twists and turns over spacetime, reproducing all known fields and dynamics through pure geometry.

Gr-qc/9704009. G. Lisi, “Clifford bundle formulation of BF gravity generalized to the standard model,” gr-qc/0511120. W. van Holten, “Aspects of BRST Quantization,” hep-th/0201124. F. Adams, Lectures On Exceptional Lie Groups, University of Chicago (1996). C. Pati and A. Salam, “Lepton number as the fourth color,” Phys. Rev. D 10 (1974) 275. [6] S. , “Euler angles for G2,” hep-th/0503106. [7] G. Trayling, “A Geometric Approach to the Standard Model,” hep-th/9912231. [8] J. RA/0105155. [9] F. Nesti and R.

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