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By T. Royama

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A wisdom of animal inhabitants dynamics is vital for the right kind administration of traditional assets and the surroundings. This e-book, now on hand in paperback, develops simple thoughts and a rigorous technique for the research of animal inhabitants dynamics to spot the underlying mechanisms.

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The marginal environmental conditions, II '" ------';. 11 The effect z = g(Z) plotted against Z. The interval (Zn, Zm) defines the range in which the population has a chance to persist. Effects of density-independent factors 37 Zn and Zm, mark the boundaries (a tolerance range) of a potential dis- tribution of the animals concerned. Vertical perturbation is the simplest type of perturbation by densityindependent factors in that we can evaluate its effect completely independent of population density.

Temperature and precipitation, are examples of density-independent factors in that their measures registered in the 22 Basic properties and structure of population processes recording instruments in a weather station are, usually, uninfluenced by the density of animals. Many physical factors belong to this category. A typical example in the density-dependent category is mutual interference among members of a population. g. the frequency of mutual encounters, which is governed by population density.

Hence, the system cannot cope with random environmental perturbations. 6. 5 Robust regulation by a density-dependent process I shall now investigate what property the effect f(X) must have on R, to regulate the population. e. 25) in which the effect g(Z) is fixed at a certain arbitrary value, say z. Let us also assume that the set X consists only of Xt. [I shall consider in Chapter 2 a more general situation in which densities in the past generations, X t - 1 ,Xt - 2, ... ] Thus, the situation we consider here is: Rt=f(X,)+z; z=arbitrary constant.

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