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By Jorge Alberto Barroso

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So the above statement is a nontrivial result. For the exact conditions, and the statement, see [33]. ” As that is explained in Talagrand’s contribution to this volume [12], I am not discussing it here. 2 It is somewhat complicated to state precisely, so I do not give it here. Essentially it rules out such degenerate cases as where the Hamiltonian is the sum of independent Hamiltonians depending on the individual σi . , to the assignment problem from combinatorial optimization, to the perceptron and the Hopfield net from neural networks, to coding theory, and to others.

Math. Phys. 235 (2003), 379–425 35. : Aging in spin glasses. Probab. Theory Rel. Fields 120 (2001), 1–67 36. : Weak ergodicity breaking and aging in disordered systems. J. Phys. I (France) 2 (1992), 1705–1713 37. Ben Arous, G. : Bouchaud’s model exhibits two different aging regimes in dimension one. Ann. Appl. Probab. uk Summary. A brief personal perspective is given of issues, questions, formulations, methods, some answers and selected extensions posed by the spin glass problem, showing how considerations of an apparently insignificant and practically unimportant group of metallic alloys stimulated an explosion of new insights and opportunities in the general area of complex many-body systems and still is doing so.

I)r = π (i )r } , max ∅ = 0. , we introduce the equivalence relation i ∼k i ⇐⇒ r (i, i ) ≥ k, which leads to a partition Zk of N into the equivalence classes of ∼k . If k decreases, the partitions become coarser. For k = 0, evidently all of N is clumped into one set. Remarkably, this sequence of random partitions is stochastically independent of Ξ itself. ”This Markovian clustering is best described in terms of a continuous time Markov process (Γt )t≥0 which takes values in the compact set E of partitions of N.

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