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See Note 3. Unary operator for a logical (true/false) operation . In other words , if variab le V = 0, then NOT V has the logi ca l value of 1 (NOT 0). See Note 4. See Note 4. Note 1. Parentheses are use d to chang e the order in which ATARI BASIC will evaluate an equation . For example, if you noti ce in the table , the multiply COMPUTERS COMPUTE 49 operation is more important th an the add operati on . Let' s look at an example: D = A+B · C ATARI BAS IC would Ihen evalu ate Ihis equation as B time s C plus A, and store the result s in variable D.

You would probably like to go on to something else now. But the machine keeps on asking you for more input. To do anything else, you will have to return to command mode from the execute mode . To do this , simply touch the I:J;t:M:. key. " Here, XXX represents the line number the machine was about to execute when it saw you press I:J;I*'31· COMPOUND STATEMENTS The program you just performed did do some user question and answer work, but it involved a bit more typing than necessary. There is another feature in ATARI BASIC that you can use to make this program a bit shorter.

For example, you can type: PRINT 24 * 60 * 60 The machine will reply: 86400 READY This is a quick calculation of how many seconds there are in a day (24 hours in a day, times 60 minutes in an hour, times 60 seconds in a minute). Or you may try anything else of interest to you in this way. OPERATOR PRECEDENCE Each of the arithmetic symbols for addition, subtraction, and so forth are called operators. Operator precedence means the order of importance of each of the operators. ATARI BASIC has rules about the order in which arithmetic 48 ATARI BASIC TUTORIAL operations should be performed.

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