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By Krystyna Szeroczyñska; Kaarina Sarmaja-Korjonen

ISBN-10: 8392491963

ISBN-13: 9788392491965

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This conviction belies the truth, however; as Cross (1991) points out, history shows that, in the past, members of the Colonial Service (including the Colonial Police) were very good at languages. Indeed, law and order depended on it and officers regarded it as an insult to be spoken to in English as this indicated that the person addressing them presumed they had not bothered to learn the vernacular. ) are infinitely more difficult to learn than European ones. So far as the police service is concerned, to overcome this lacuna in language skills it is proposed that there is firstly, a need to identify multilingual officers and secondly, to train suitable members of the force.

This question has been addressed by Wickland (1989) (in the context of executives v. linguists) who points out that, while it takes about five years to develop a good manager, it takes about three months for anyone of this intellectual calibre to learn (say) German to an effective level. Moreover, it is quicker to determine whether a subject has the capacity to learn a language than it is to determine whether he/she has executive/management potential. Wickland readily accepts that not everyone can acquire another language with equal facility and extensive research has already been made into this subject.

Let us go down and there confound their language that they might not understand one another's speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad . . Some observers would have us believe that this Biblical story should be seen as a portent of the dangers inherent in employing a common tongue in order to collaborate with others in the building of a new city (or, in the case in point, a new Community). In fact, as far back as we can trace, Man has always spoken many different languages; if at any time he spoke a single language from which all other languages descended then it has resisted the concerted efforts of numerous scholars to find it.

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