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In these days Titus used to be a prince lower than Tiberius within the sector of Equitania, in a urban of Libia often called Burgidalla. And Titus had a sore in his correct nose, because of a melanoma, and he undesirable his face torn even to the attention. There went forth a definite guy from Judaea, via identify Nathan the son of Nahum; for he was once an Ishmaelite who went from land to land, and from sea to sea, and in the entire ends of the earth. Now Nathan was once despatched from Judaea to the Emperor Tiberius, to hold their treaty to town of Rome. And Tiberius was once ailing, and whole of ulcers and fevers, and had 9 varieties of leprosy. And Nathan needed to visit the town of Rome. however the north wind blew and hindered his crusing, and carried him all the way down to the harbour of a urban of Libia. Now Titus, seeing the send coming, knew that it was once from Judaea; and so they all questioned, and stated they had by no means visible any vessel so coming from that sector. And Titus ordered the captain to return to him, and requested him who he was once. And he acknowledged: i'm Nathan the son of Nahum, of the race of the Ishmaelites, and i'm an issue of Pontius Pilate in Judaea. and i've been despatched to visit Tiberius the Roman emperor, to hold a treaty from Judaea. and a powerful wind got here down upon the ocean, and has introduced me to a rustic that i don't comprehend.

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2) At the end of a year Velosianus came to the city of Rome, brought his vessel into the river which is called Tiberis, or Tiber, and entered the city which is called Rome. And he sent his messenger to his lord Tiberius the emperor in the Lateran about his prosperous arrival. Then Tiberius the emperor, when he heard the message of Velosianus, rejoiced greatly, and ordered him to come before his face. And when he had come, he called him, saying: Velosianus, how hast thou come, and what hast thou seen in the region of Judaea of Christ the Lord and his disciples?

And they drew their swords and smote themselves, and died, to the number of twelve thousand men of them. Then there was a great stench in that city from the corpses of those dead men. And their kings feared with a very great fear even unto death; and they could not bear the stench of them, nor bury them, nor throw them forth out of the city. And they 474 said to each other: What shall we do? We indeed gave up Christ to death, and now we given up to death ourselves. Let us bow our heads, and give up the keys of the city to the Romans, because God has already given us up to death.

Titus answered him: The Jews sold our Lord for thirty pieces of silver: now let us sell thirty of them for one piece of silver. And they did so. And they seized Pilate, and gave him up to me, and I put him in prison, to be guarded by four quaternions of soldiers in Damascus. Then they made a search with great diligence to seek the portrait of the Lord; and they found a woman named Veronica who had the portrait of the Lord. htm 476 Emperor Tiberius said to Velosianus: How hast thou it? And he answered: I have it in clean cloth of gold, rolled up in a shawl.

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