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By Hilliard Hatteridge

Пятый том истории великих войн девятнадцатого столетия от издательства Кассель содержит описания кампаний в США. Затронута тема гражданской войны в США и восстаний в Мексике. Отражена роль ведущих европейских держав в ведении войн в мире в 60-70 годах столетия.Книга составлена из отдельных очерков, снабженных богатым иллюстративным материалом. Добротный том для изучения истории конфликтов 19 века по первоисточникам. Для всех любителей униформологии, истории военного искусства.

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1st Brigade. AlacDonald 2nd Egyptians 9th, loth, and nth Sou- Dakhala camp, and at once towed up to Nasri, their teams following in — : ; other barges, or being marched up the river convoy. under bank Several companies of the camel corps that had been guarding the southern frontier of the Dongola province were concentrated at Korti, and under the command of Tudway they Major marched across the Bavuda desert to Metemneh, following the route by which the desert column had made its way to the in same point 1885.

On her way up to Dongola in 1896 she had stuck fast on a rock. In the ascent of the Monassir Cataracts in 1897 she had capsized and nearly drowned her commander. The idea had spread among the Eg}-ptians that she was an unlucky boat, so to start her on a new and more fortunate career she was renamed original the Hafir. Besides these ten gunboats there were four steamers, small stern-wheelers, temporarily armed with Maxims. One of them was the Dervish steamer which had been sunk by the Egyptian artillery at Hafir in 1896, which was floated and repaired in the following year.

The displacement of the Sultan class is 140 tons, that of the Wyvenhoe stern-wheelers onh' 128. They are 140 feet long and 24 feet wide. The conning tower, fitted with an electric light, rose thirty feet above the water. Just below it was the main battery, armed with one 12-pounder quickand two 6-pounder quick-firers, with firer There was a secondary further aft a howitzer. TI;e hatches along the battery of six Maxims. sides of the hull were made to open outwards, less carried a heavier and when bulwark, raised formed loop-holed a room behind with a for steel hundred riflemen.

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