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By John W. Rittinghouse

A Beginner's advisor to Gambas is the 1st definitive reference for the Linux-based Gambas programming language. Gambas ships with a graphical improvement setting in accordance with the fundamental programming language. It helps object-oriented programming and is identical to Microsoft's visible easy product. Gambas makes use of the Qt toolkit and helps different toolkits like GTK+. With Gambas, you could fast layout a consumer interface, entry databases from MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL, or remotely pilot KDE functions utilizing the DCOP protocol. Rittinghouse masterfully describes the main points of this new language with lots of examples and illustrations that make it effortless to appreciate.

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String LIKE Pattern Perform pattern matching using the LIKE operator. String = String Determine if the two strings are equal. String <> String Determine if the two strings different. String < String Determine if the first string is lower than the second string String > String Determine if the first string is greater than the second string String <= String Determine if the first string is lower or equal to the second string String >= String Determine if the first string is greater or equal to the second string Note : all string operator comparisons are case sensitive.

RGB(255,255,255) This would set the button's background color to white. This is most useful when you are trying to set colors whose values fall outside the default color constant values provided with Gambas. Border ­ This property is another common attribute found on many controls. This class is static. The constants used by the Border property include the following: Etched, None, Plain, Raised, and Sunken. Plain Cancel is defined as PROPERTY Cancel AS Boolean and it is used to stipulate whether or not the button is activated when the ESC key is pressed.

If there is no semi­colon or comma after the last expression, a newline character is automatically printed after the last expression. If a comma is used instead of a semi­colon to separate expressions, then a tab character (ASCII code 9) is printed between output values to separate the expressions. PRINT can also used to direct output to a file. We will discuss printing to files when we get to the section on 46 A Beginner's Guide to Gambas Input and Output. ] [(;|,)] Here is something to try using PRINT: STATIC PUBLIC SUB Main() DIM b AS Integer b = 1 PRINT "===> " & "b is: " & B PRINT "===> ", " b is:", B PRINT "===> "; "b is: " & B END The console displays the following output: ===> b is: 1 ===> b is: 1 ===> b is: 1 The IF Statement The IF statement is used to make a decision.

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