Beginning Java™ EE 6 Platform with GlassFish™ 3: From Novice by Antonio Goncalves PDF

By Antonio Goncalves

ISBN-10: 1430219548

ISBN-13: 9781430219545

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ISBN-13: 9781430219552

I have being studying the ebook (now heading the top) and very figured out that the writer helped me comprehend those java specifications.

I was once looking for an advent for JEE6. i purchased a truly good written booklet. you are going to think that the subjects are handled by way of a professional.

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Test Methods In JUnit 4, test classes do not have to extend anything. To be executed as a test case, a JUnit class needs at least one method annotated with @Test. Exception: No runnable methods). A test method must use the @Test annotation, return void, and take no parameters. This is controlled at runtime and throws an exception if not respected. The @Test annotation supports the optional expected parameter, which declares that a test method should throw an exception. If it doesn’t or if it throws a different exception than the one declared, the test fails.

Compared to the previous versions of JUnit, it provides a simpler, richer, and easier testing model, as well as introducing more flexible initialization, cleanup, timeouts, and parameterized test cases. Let’s see some of the JUnit features through a simple example. Listing 1-7 represents a Customer POJO. It has some attributes, including a date of birth, constructors, getters, and setters. Listing 1-7. A Customer Class public class Customer { private Long id; private String firstName; private String lastName; private String email; private String phoneNumber; private Date dateOfBirth; private Date creationDate; // Constructors, getters, setters } The CustomerHelper class, shown in Listing 1-8, provides a utility method to calculate the age of a given customer (calculateAge()).

Xml) placed at the root of the project. As shown in Listing 1-5, the minimum required information to describe the identity of the project is the groupId, the artifactId, the version, and the packaging type. 19 20 Chapter 1 ■ J A VA EE 6 AT A G L A N CE Listing 1-5. 0-SNAPSHOT jar A project is often divided into different artifacts. These artifacts are then grouped under the same groupId (similar to packages in Java) and uniquely identified by the artifactId.

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