Biological Regulation and Development: Molecular by B. D. Sanwal (auth.), Robert F. Goldberger (eds.) PDF

By B. D. Sanwal (auth.), Robert F. Goldberger (eds.)

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The motivation for us to conceive this paintings on rules was once generally our trust that it might be enjoyable, and whilst effective, to strategy the topic in a fashion that differs from that of alternative treatises. We notion it would be fascinating and instructive-for either writer and reader-to study a specific quarter of research in a framework of many alternative difficulties. slicing around the conventional limitations that experience separated the sub­ jects in earlier volumes on law isn't really a simple factor to do-not since it is hard to consider what fascinating issues should still exchange the previous ones, yet since it is tough to discover authors who're keen to put in writing approximately parts outdoor these pursued of their personal laborato­ ries. a person who takes at the job of reviewing a huge niche needs to weave jointly its numerous components through deciding upon up the threads from many alternative laboratories, and try to produce a material with a significant layout. discovering individuals who're prone to achieve such projects used to be the main tough a part of our task. within the first quantity of this treatise, many of the chapters handled the mechanisms of legislation of gene expression in microorganisms. This moment quantity contains a a bit of broader sector, spanning the prokaryotic-eukaryotic border.

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1967). Glutamine synthase requires magnesium ions for maximal catalytic activity; manganese has little effect. In contrast, the adenylylated enzyme is inactive with magnesium ions but active in the presence of manganous ions. The requirement for either of these two cations is a function of the pH of assay and the average extent of adenylylation of glutamine synthase. , 1967). The metabolic advantages of the changed metal ion specificity are not understood. The sensitivity of adenylylated glutamine synthase toward feedback inhibition is much greater than that of the unmodified enzyme.

1d Fatty Acid Synthetase from Mammary Gland. The series of enzymes involved in the synthesis of fatty acids from acetyl-CoA and malonyl-CoA (acetyl and malonyl transacylases, /3-ketothioester synthetase, /3-ketothioester reductase, /3-hydroxyacylthioester dehydrase, enoylthioester reductase and acylthioester hydrolase) in various mammalian tissues are associated in a multienzyme complex (for review, see Bloch and Vance, 1977). The fatty acids undergoing condensation and reduction remain bound by thioester linkages to an acyl carrier protein.

Subsequently, Honjo et al. (1969) showed that the inactivation of elongation factor 2 was caused by the transfer of an ADP-ribose moiety to the protein. 31 REGULATION OF ENZYME ACTIVITY 32 B. D. SANWAL An identical mechanism is now known to intervene in the toxicity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa toxin (Iglewski and Kabat, 1975), and it appears also that cholera toxin brings about its effects by ADP-ribosylation of some essential component of the adenyl ate cyclase system (Hayaishi and Ueda, 1977; Moss and Vaughan, 1977).

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Biological Regulation and Development: Molecular Organization and Cell Function by B. D. Sanwal (auth.), Robert F. Goldberger (eds.)

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