Daniel C. Maguire's Christianity Without God: Moving Beyond the Dogmas and PDF

By Daniel C. Maguire

ISBN-10: 1438454066

ISBN-13: 9781438454061

Argues that Christianity doesn't require its supernatural aspects.

Christianity with no an all-powerful god, with out a divine savior, with out an afterlife? during this daring and hopeful e-book, theologian Daniel C. Maguire writes that conventional, supernatural features of Christianity could be comforting, yet are more and more questionable. A century of scholarly learn has now not been supportive of the dogmatic triad of non-public god, incarnate savior, and lifestyles after loss of life. Demonstrating that those ideals have questionable roots in historic traditions, Maguire argues for a go back to that significant and progressive ethical epic of the Hebrew and Christian Bible. Rescued from god, Christianity can provide a pragmatic international ethic to heal a planet sinking below the results of our ungrateful mismanagement.

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We are then in the party of those who used to say that the rain fell and the flower bloomed because a god stepped in and made it happen. Elan Vital One thing that theists and nontheists all agree on is the elan vital, the life force that exists in the universe. It is an amazing force, incessant and unfolding. We are so impressed with this force that when we look for life on Mars or elsewhere, we only ask if the conditions for life are present. Edward O. ” 2 If those conditions are or were there, then we assume life is or was.

The Bible, did not linger in this abstract vein, nor did John, the Evangelist, stick with it. Anthropomorphism triumphed. From its early polytheism the Bible struggled toward a more spiritualized monotheism, a goal it never fully attained. Monotheism had a rough launching in the Bible. The goddess Asherah was worshipped alongside Yahweh in Solomon’s Temple for most of its existence, for 236 out of 370 years. 11 Arnold J.  . ”12 Christians, after the canon of the Bible was closed, hewed out their mathematical anomaly and gave us three persons equaling one deity.

Serendipitous creativity is not yet on church banners nor do we look for it carved in stone on Cathedral doors. It will not be spelled out in gilded mosaic above the high altar. Neither will we find Tillich’s “ground of being” displayed in devotional shrines. Christians claim an incarnate God, which—let it be conceded—is the last word in anthropomorphic thinking. “Serendipitous creativity” does not become incarnate, have siblings, eat fish, and drink wine and even be accused of overindulging. Surely the work of Haught and Kaufman is fascinating theory but it is not real god-talk.

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