CliffsQuickReview Math Word Problems (Cliffs Quick Review) - download pdf or read online

By Karen L. Anglin

ISBN-10: 0764544926

ISBN-13: 9780764544927

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ISBN-10: 9786468600

ISBN-13: 9789786468600

I exploit this e-book to coach arithmetic vocabulary in my pre-algebra and algebra periods. It is going well past the textbook addition, subtraction, and so forth. phrases. It discusses turn-around phrases, comma placement, parentheses, and so on. nice beginning for note difficulties.

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Three more than twice a number is thirteen. Find the number. The difference between a number and two times the number is nine. Find the number. The sum of a number and three times the number is fourteen. Find the number. Three more than five times a number is twenty-three. Find the number. 50 CliffsQuickReview Math Word Problems Answers: 1. 2(4 – x) = 16; x = –4 2. 5 + x = 3; x = –2 3. (2x) – 4 = 8; x = 6 4. 8 + 3x = 14; x = 2 5. x + 56 ÷ 7 = 11; x = 3 6. 3(3 – x) = 18; x = –3 7. 2x = x – 4; x = –4 8.

Area of a triangle The area of a figure is the amount of surface enclosed by a closed figure. One way to recognize an area word problem is to visualize an area rug covering the shape. To find the area of a triangle use the formula A = 12 bh, where b represents the base of the triangle and h represents the height. The base and the height must be perpendicular to each other. This is represented in Figure 5-3 with a square on the angle formed by the intersection of the base and the height. Figure 5-3 Triangle showing the base and the height.

Divide by the coefficient using the multiplication property of equations. In Example 7, you solve the equation given in Example 5, using the four preceding steps to find the solution to the equation. Example 7: Solve the following equation: 4(x – 3) + 6 = 14 + 2x Use the four steps to solving a linear equation, as follows: 1. Distribute and combine like terms. 4x – 12 + 6 = 14 + 2x 4x – 6 = 14 + 2x 2a. Move all terms with variables to the left side of the equation. In this example, add a –2x to each side of the equation.

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