Fischer Vs. Spassky: World Chess Championship Match, 1972 by Svetozar Gligoric, Sam Sloan PDF

By Svetozar Gligoric, Sam Sloan

ISBN-10: 0671213970

ISBN-13: 9780671213978

The area Chess Championship fit 1972 The chess fit of the century has eventually taken position and chess masters through the international have already agreed that many of the video games are one of the maximum that experience ever been performed. a number of books should be released over the following couple of years within which those video games could be analyzed, yet there are a number of positive aspects that might make this publication stand except all of the others: the writer, Svetozar Gligoric, is among the maximum grandmasters on the planet and has performed either Fischer and Spassky. (This evidently provides him a lot higher perception into the psychology in the back of the strikes and the alternatives of openings.) the writer used to be on the scene not just to checklist and examine the chess strikes yet used to be there to explain the motion behind the curtain, clear of the board, in his potential as journalist for 2 top Yugoslavian newspapers. lt used to be written day-to-day because the fit came about and whereas the entire attention-grabbing information of the fight have been clean within the author's brain. therefore, Fischer vs. Spassky permits the common chess participant not just to know the which means and goal of the strikes, but additionally to have an entire appreciation of the thrill and sweetness of this old conflict. even though the video games weren't allowed to be televised. this e-book is the nearest it is easy to come to experiencing a reside telecast of the substantial disagreement, with Gligoric, journalist and nice grasp, at one's elbow, each second.

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C6; 52. ×e5, d3 winning a More consistent was 39. e×f7+ 51. b4+, piece. ×f7 41. ×g6+ ×g6 42. c2. 39. c2×b1 b4×b1+ 51. a5–b4+ d6–c6 52. e8–c8 c6–d7 40. g1–h2 f7×e6 53. c8–c5 d7–e6 54. c5–c7 The last three moves were played quickly. GM Dlugy thinks that it’s all within the homework done by K+K and their seconds. Time: GK: 3:06 AK: 3:25 and running. Karpov still has to make three moves in four minutes. ❑ ❑ ❇ ❑ ❇ ❑ ❘ ❑ ❘ ◗ ◗ ❇ ✵❩✵❩✵❩❦❩ ❩✵❩✵❩✵♦✵ ✵❩✵❩♣❩♥❩ ❩✵❩♣❩✵❩✵ ✵❩❜❆✵❩P❩ ❩✵❩✵❩P❩❘ ✵❩✵❩✵▲✵❏ ❩q❩✵❩✵❩✵ The time-scramble wasn’t really dramatic.

B4, b7; 52. ×e5, ×g2+; 53. c3. 51. b2–b4 g1×g2+ 52. c2–c3 c5–a4+ 53. c3–b3 a4×b6 54. c4×b6 g2–g3 55. b3–c3 g3×h3 56. b4–b5 h5–h4 ◆ ◆ ❘ ❑ ❑ ◆ ❑ ❑ ❑ ◆ ◆ ❑ ❑ And again, all the critical moves were blitzed out. Alburt says “Now it is a draw. ” The line which he thinks of most be: 57. d7, f3; 58. ×e5, f4; 59. b6, h3; 60. b7, h2; 61. b8= , h1= . 57. b6–c4 h3×d3+ 58. c3–d3 h4–h3 59. b5–b6 h3–h2 60. b6–b7 h2–h1 RR=QXY 61. b7–b8 RR=QXYh1–f1+ 62. d3–c3 f1–c1+ 63. c3–b3 c1–d1+ 64. b3–a2 d1–a4+ 65. c4–a3 a4×e4 66.

G1–f3 ❇ ◆g8–f6 g7–g6 d7–d5 f6×d5 d5×c3 f8–g7 c7–c5 0–0 c8–g4 ◆ ◆ ❇ ❇ 32 ❑ ❘ ◆ ◗ ◗ ◗ ❘ ◆ ❇ ❘ ◗ ❇ ❇ ◗ ❇ ◗ ❇ ❇ ❘ ◗ ❇ ❇ ❘ ❇ ❘ ◗ ❘ ◗ ◆ ◆ ❘ ❇ ◆g1–f3 ❇f1–b5 ❇b5–a4 0–0 ❘f1–e1 ❇a4–b3 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 21. f8–e8? Now White occupies the c-file. Maybe it was better to look for exchanging the Queens aiming at activating the knight: 21. . , b7; 22. a3, c4; 23. ×e7, ×e7; 24. ×e7, ×e8. 22. d1–c1 c8–b7 23. d4–d5 a5–c4 24. f3–d2 c4×d2 25. g5×d2 e8–c8 26. c1–c6 g7–e5 Black is mated after 26.

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