Julia London's Highlander In Disguise (Lockhart Trilogy 02) PDF

By Julia London

ISBN-10: 1416506640

ISBN-13: 9781416506645

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And even wiser heads argued that there was no connection between the two disappearances whatsoever, very tiresomely insisting that the Scot had simply returned to Scotland and Miss Farnsworth had returned to Cornwall. Whatever the truth, Anna had built it up to a great romantic adventure in her mind, and the story had so deeply ingrained itself in her imagination that she had, over the last year, devoured all things Scottish, from historical accounts, to travel volumes, to old maps. Scotland sounded magical, a land where time did not march so ploddingly along as it did here, in the Mayfair district of London.

To explain any further would require a map of sorts, and ye are far too pretty to worry with it,” he said, and kissed her knuckles, his lips warm and soft on her skin. “Now, then, if ye will kindly give me leave, I should best be on me way,” he said, and dropping her hand, he turned and walked to the opposite end of the foyer and the entry. Confused and a little perturbed, Anna watched him go, wondering if he had just insulted her intelligence. Did he think her incapable of grasping the simplest tenets of geography?

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