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Demographics type simply obtained much more attention-grabbing. inhabitants does not simply provide the info; it indicates you ways to exploit it. From the controversy over tips to rebuild the Gulf Coast after typhoon Katrina to what may be performed approximately Social protection and Medicare, inhabitants permits you to follow the study your self. Plus, inhabitants makes learning for the attempt more straightforward than ever with its integrated learn aides.

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The United States is certainly not alone in the use of demographic data for political campaign work. The Mexican presidential election in 2006 was the most closely contested in that country’s modern history and the candidates had campaigned heavily to attract the different demographic groups of Mexico to their cause. 2). 1 million Mexican expatriates living in the United States who were eligible to vote in the Mexican presidential elections (Prengaman 2006), the candidates sought out their votes as well.

No state gained more than two seats (they included Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and Texas), and no state lost more than two (New York and Pennsylvania). 15 16 Part One A Demographic Perspective Once the number of seats per state has been reapportioned, the real fight begins. This involves redistricting, the reconfiguration of Congressional districts (geographic areas) that each seat will represent. In the 1960s, a series of Supreme Court decisions extended to the state and local levels the requirement that legislative districts be drawn in such a way as to ensure demographically equal representation (“one person, one vote”).

In 1946, at the end of World War II, Transjordan was granted full independence and became the modern state of Jordan, which had in fact been ruled by the great-grandfather of the current King Abdullah II since the end of World War I. Britain handed the decision about Palestine to the United Nations, and in 1947 the UN passed General Assembly Resolution 181. “This provided for the creation of two states, one Arab and the other Jewish, in Palestine, and an international regime for Jerusalem. The Zionists approved of the plan but the Arabs, having already rejected an earlier, more favorable (for them) partition offer from Britain, stood firm in their demand for sovereignty over Palestine in full” (Oren 2002:4).

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