New PDF release: Population Parameters: Estimation for Ecological Models

By Hamish McCallum

ISBN-10: 063206353X

ISBN-13: 9780632063536

ISBN-10: 0865427402

ISBN-13: 9780865427402

Presents transparent tips on find out how to estimate parameters for versions of animal populations. Concentrates on tips on how to decide upon the simplest method of parameter estimation for a specific challenge, and the way to make sure that the amount estimate is the best one for the categorical goal of the modelling workout. Softcover.

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New PDF release: Population Parameters: Estimation for Ecological Models

Presents transparent tips on the way to estimate parameters for types of animal populations. Concentrates on the best way to opt for the easiest method of parameter estimation for a selected challenge, and the way to make sure that the volume estimate is the perfect one for the explicit objective of the modelling workout.

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This may simplify the model structure or make its behaviour easier to interpret. It is essential that the new variables should have direct biological meaning. For example, in a model that originally has numbers of individuals of each of three genotypes as its variables, it may well be worth considering changing variables to a model with total population size as one variable, and frequency of two of the three genotypes as the other two. ) In a differential equation model, the standard product and ratio rules of calculus should be used to form the new equations.

The estimates are clustered around the correct value, but there is considerable scatter. (b) An estimator that is more precise than (a), but is biased. The estimates are tightly clustered together, with little scatter, but they are not clustered around the correct parameter value. 24 CHAPT ER 2 estimation problems are subject to a constraint of limited available effort, whether effort is measured in time or money. The design problem is therefore to allocate limited effort in such a way that the estimate is as accurate as possible.

Uses a so-called parametric model, meaning that it proceeds by a process of estimating parameters in a statistical model. Hypothesis tests are essentially a process of determining whether particular parameters or groups of parameters could possibly be zero (or less commonly, some other specified value), given the observed data. This means that it is straightforward to turn any parametric statistical test around so that it estimates one or more parameters, rather than simply tests hypotheses. Usually, a parameter estimate is more useful than a straightforward hypothesis test.

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