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By G. H. Bowen (auth.), R. Stalio, L. A. Willson (eds.)

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Stellar mass loss is an important a part of the biking of fabric from the interstellar medium into stars and again, and needs to be understood if we're to version procedures on galactic to cosmological scales. The research of stellar winds and the consequences of stellar mass loss has reached a very interesting degree the place observational services are more and more in a position to supply attention-grabbing constraints on versions and theories. contemporary resu1ts from theoretical and observational paintings for either sizzling and funky stars with huge winds have resulted in the advice blend of pulsation with different mechanisms makes for relatively effective mass loss from stars. This supplied the unique motivation for the association of this workshop. The convention used to be geared up alongside rather traditional strains in line with the categories of gadgets being scrutinized. but the real team spirit of the lawsuits comes from the interaction of the mechanisms concerned. for instance, for the cool, luminous Mira variables, pulsation ends up in surprise waves that stretch the ambience, improving dirt formation; radiation strain on airborne dirt and dust drives the wind, cooling the ambience and every so often suppressing the shocks. equally for the Be stars, either pulsation (in this situation, non-radial) and radiation strain (due to UV resonance traces) are anticipated to be very important, and this expectation is at the very least qualitatively borne out by means of the observations.

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Et al. 1982). Second, blue shifted circumstellar absorption features indicate the onset of cool winds (Reimers 1977; Dupree and Reimers 1987). Third, there is growing evidence that chromospheres become geometrically more extended. And finally, the asymmetry of the doubly peaked CaIIH+K and Mgllh+k lines changes, which has been tentatively interpreted as indicating sizable outflows already at low chromospheric levels (Stencel 1978; Stencel and Mullan 1980a,b). All these changes occur at, or in the vicinity of, a dividing line in the HR diagram, which for giants lies near spectral type Kl (see Fig.

1988, Ap. , 329, in press. Bowen, G. H. 1988, Ap. , 329, in press. Bowen, G. , and Beach, T. E. 1987, in Late Stages of Stellar Evolution, ed. S. Kwok and S. R. Pottasch (Dordrecht: Reidel), p. 275. Brugel, E. , Beach, T. , Willson, L. , and Bowen, G. H. 1988, in IAU Colloquium No. 103, The Symbiotic Phenomenon, ed. M. Friedjung (Dordrecht: Reidel), in press. Castor, J. I. 1981, in Physical Processes in Red Giants, ed. I. Iben Jr. and A. Renzini (Dordrecht: Reidel), p. 285. Gehrz, R. , and Woolf, N.

2 14 .. 8 10 P(days) Fig. 15. R21, ~21 and ~31 for hydrodynamic RR Lyrae models (Simon 1985). F mode: circles; first overtone: crosses. Boxes represent envelopes of observed points: solid (RRab) dashed (RR o ). 10 47 diagrams for the RR Lyrae field stars. Once more the boxes give envelopes of the observed pOints (see Figure 8 above) - solid, for the RRab stars; dashed, for the RRc stars. The symbols represent the light curves of hydrodynamic models - circles, for the fundamental mode; crosses for the first overtone.

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Pulsation and Mass Loss in Stars: Proceedings of a Workshop Held in Trieste, Italy, September 14–18, 1987 by G. H. Bowen (auth.), R. Stalio, L. A. Willson (eds.)

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